Julianne in her studio
The artist in her Houston studio.

“My goal with my art is to communicate joy, delight, whimsy, as well as awareness, mindfulness, and interconnectedness.”

Art is both playful and serious to me. I enjoy conveying pure delight and whimsy, and I have fun playing with materials. Art is also a form of communication. I express my concerns and my joys though art. I am worried about our planet. I especially pay attention to issues of social justice and the environment. The ying and yang of art – playing and expressing – are what makes art fresh.

Julianne Kelley in the Treehouse

Changing out my mediums contributes to my flexibility. Like rotating crops, switching from sculpture to painting, or watercolor to acrylics, keeps my artistic ground fresh and fertile. Switching mediums enlarges my potential and aids my decision making process. Each process informs the other and opens my eyes to new ideas and techniques.

I earned an M.A. in Humanities from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. While there I studied sculpture as my focus – clay, wood, metal and stone. As an undergraduate, I studied art and art history at Wright State University and the University of Houston. I’ve been in juried shows in Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Kansas.

Recently, I have continued my education with classes at Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University. I enjoy taking artist workshops around the world. I find I learn from my fellow students as well as the instructor, as we all share ideas and techniques.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with artists at the Winter Street Studio Artist Collaboration. I will have an upcoming solo show in January 2020 at the Deuster Art Gallery. My works have also been displayed at Art on the Avenue. Privately, my work is on display at Ryder Scott Petroleum, as well as several businesses in the Houston Area.

Paint Brushes

I’m the owner of Heights Treehouse Studio. I strive to encourage and sponsor artists, and each month the Heights Treehouse Studio hosts new artists in an open house. The studio is also used as a space to teach and hold art seminars.

Thank you so much for coming here to meet me.

-Julianne Kelley

Julianne Kelley in the Treehouse